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måndag 9 januari 2017

Now living in Pokhara, Nepal

We have arrived in Pokhara, Nepal, and everything is working out great. I am amazed that we haven't had any real problems or issues with this entire thing. Selling a house in Norway and moving to Nepal has been pretty smooth, almost easy, and I am confident that the Lord has been with us.

To be sure, it is an overwhelming thing to move like this. Everything is new and nothing is the same as home. However, everything is not new for me or Laurie. We have been here before and seen it and experiences it. Sam and David are experiencing everything for the first time...and "everything" is a lot here in Nepal. The smells, the sights, the people, the language, the food, the sounds, the apartment, the isolation. They are doing super well and are adjusting and adapting better than Laurie and I did the first time. They do miss their friends and especially David misses Norway, his friends and just having all the comforts he knows. It is not easy for him, nor Samuel, to leave Norway for Nepal, but we feel confident and see great promise that the adventure and all the interesting things about Nepal will win them over. They are already asking for homeschooling to begin!

...which it will as soon as the apartment is ready for it. It is a really nice place and we just need to add a few things to make it functional for what we need. Since we just packed up a whole house we are keenly aware of what a normal Norwegian house contains and needless to say, this apartment lacks many things we are used to. But it is a nice place and it feels good to come home to it. Once we get a bookshelf, a heater (it gets cold at night) and a table/chairs setup for the school room we should be in business. Our landlord is great and our host/friend here is super helpful. For one thing, he just got us Nepali sim-cards for our phones in his own name today. The boys appreciated not having to come along for that since they had already walked 20,000 steps today(!).

Here are some pictures:

Here are the boys along the lakeside walkway in Pokhara. 20 degrees in January...not bad. 
Here the boys are goofing off downtown Pokhara after the meal we had at the Chinese restaurant. So far, we are 0-2 when it comes to finding good dinner restaurants. We're doing much better with breakfast places. Looking forward to some homecooked meals soon.

This is the restaurant we went to. I never got my meal, which was fine since Sam had ordered the same thing and I found out that it was gross when I tasted it. Laurie got gluten-full noodles when asked for gluten free. David got a big plate of yummy food, which was good since we went there for him. Drinks arrived eventually. They didn't speak English.

So, we can so far conclude that the hot water works well, we have drinking water and good electricity, we have WiFi (more in name than in speed) and we have 3G internet on our phones (faster). It takes 20 minutes to walk to the tourist area with all the restaurants, our area is quiet (save for the occasional dog), we know our way around Pokhara enough to walk freely, our apartment gets cold at night/morning but heats up fast, we are not sick...all in all it's all good.

Pray for David's and Samuel's adjustment and for our family to draw closer to each other and God as we depend more on family and God now than perhaps ever before.

Resting in the Lord and with love from Pokhara, Nepal,

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